ZFM: A learning tool for identifying zero-force members in trusses

The ZFM Analysis Tool is a web-based application specifically designed to help identify zero-force members within stable, statically determinate trusses.

To begin using the tool, we recommend designing your truss layout via the app's intuitive user interface. The left panel offers various buttons, enabling you to add or remove nodes, members, loads, and supports. Additionally, you can reposition any node by simply dragging it across the screen when no specific button is active. Once your truss configuration is complete, start the analysis by clicking the “Submit” button.

The application provides several example trusses for those looking for a quick start or wishing to practice. You can modify and analyze them as desired. For further details, please consult the online user guide.

Furthermore, the following instructional video lecture offers valuable insights into identifying zero-force members. Combined with this application, it equips students with the necessary tools for thoroughly understanding and practicing the topic.

This app is specifically designed for use with mouse or touchpad devices to ensure the highest quality and precision in user experience. We appreciate your understanding and invite you to explore its features using these input methods.

Click on a grid point to place a node.